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I have been TRYING to pay my bill with MVP. Their payment center has not worked since day one.

Every evening I log in, click payment center, and get an error message. I call their customer care center and no one is willing to help me. They won't take a look at my online account, they won't take my money over the phone. Their e-support call center and financial call center are only open during "bankers hours." Well guess what...

I work during those hours too. There isn't another bill I pay or another company I deal with that has a problem taking my money 24/7.

But according to MVP, I can only pay Monday - Friday 8:30-6. What's the point of having an online payment center???

Monetary Loss: $413.

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I am having precisely the same problem. If they won't take your money, what will happen if you have a health care issue/emergency? Cannot wait until the next cycle, when I can dump them for another, more responsible health care provider.

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