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This man worked at MVP Health care in NY Walter Lopez but just moved to Miami Florida area. He Stole computers from the company he worked for and sold them on Ebay and Craigs list.

My friends have 2 computers they bought from him. One woman pressed charges against him and he was arrested. How do I know this? He was my Fiance!

My mother lent him $5000 to get an Attny believing the lies he told that he was inoccent of wrong doing. He gave me a plastic engagment ring. He left NY and has now moved to the Miami area. I want to make sure he does not do this to anyone else!!

If you need proof you can check arrest records in Schenectady NY as well as his ex employer MVP health Care.

Thank you and BEWARE!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Thanks for everyone who has contacted me! With good people spreading the word bad people like this will not continue to scam innocent people!

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